Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your decision to list your business with HaitiHQ.com. Our sole passion is to make it easy for customers everywhere to find the unique products and services that your business offers.

HaitiHQ aims to help businesses raise their digital profile by offering a variety of marketing options and enhance consumers’ choices through an online marketplace that promotes businesses, products, and events.

We offer a central location for businesses to market their product and events, a directory of businesses, for individual entrepreneurs to have their own store, and for consumers to find whatever they are looking for. In other words, we’re the point of connection between those seeking and those offering.

HaitiHQ.com isn’t responsible for inaccuracies in your business or products information on our website. Businesses must send an email to info@haitihq.com to request for corrections to information related to their business information or products.

HaitiHQ.com reserves the right to terminate this agreement and remove your business from our directory within 3 business days of notification of violation of this agreement or other HaitiHQ.com policies.

Materials that are offensive are strictly prohibited. Offensive materials include those that pornographic in nature and that promote illegal or illicit activities will result in the removal of your business from our website. Businesses that have been convicted of fraudulent activities will be removed from HaitiHQ.com and/or HaitiHQ.info.

Businesses are encouraged to be responsive to customers’ comments and address their complaints with courtesy and respect.

This agreement is between HaitiHQ.com and your company as listed on your business license only. This agreement doesn’t extend to contractors, subsidiaries, employees, or individuals associated with your business.

All disputes shall be settled through an arbitrator designated by HaitiHQ.com.